:: Lee and Julie's trip round the world 2004

Auckland - New Zealand
Date: Sep 10, 2004 - 12:52 AM

After a nice rest at the Raffles in Nadi, we headed over to the airport and caught our early morning flight over to Auckland.
Everyone we'd met in Fiji who had come from NZ, said it'd be cold as they're just coming to the end of winter. Jumpers and thicks socks on, we were ready!

Nice flight over there, with nice views of the Coral Coast in Fiji and also flying over NZ on the way in.

It was cold when we got off the plane, but not too bad. We're used to this sort of weather! Once in Auckland it was a different story. The wind was icy cold and it was bloody freezing. We had to buy hats, jumpers and gloves whilst we there, it was that cold!


Whilst in Auckland, we did some shopping (for jumpers) in Newmarket and also headed over to a sleepy little place called Devonport across the water from Auckland. Other than that, we didn't do much. I think we were too busy trying to keep warm!

We stayed at Base Auckland, which was really nice and very modern. Handy for Queen Street, which is the main street through the city where the shops and bars are.

We were originally going to pick the van up on the Friday (20th Aug.), but we decided to bring it forward a few days and get on the road.

Vikki and Craig, who'd we met in Santa Monica, were in Thames (100 Km from Auckland) so we decided to head over there and meet up with them for lunch.

After lunch, we stocked on more jumpers and hats from the local shopping centre and then headed north to our first campground, in Tapu on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Our plane to Auckland - An Air Pacific Boeing 737-800


Me - I bagged the window seat. (You always bloody do - Joo)

Bye Bye Fiji!

Coral Coast - Fiji

Happy (this was taken before the inflight meal)

Hello New Zealand!

On the ferry over to Devonport

Auckland Harbour

Auckland Skytower

A little windswept us 2.

White Lady burger van on Shortland Street - an Auckland institution.

Auckland Skytower at night.

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