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Update so far - Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria
Date: Apr 30, 2004 - 06:00 AM

Here's some pictures of our trip so far. There's loads more, but we've just not had chance to get them uploaded onto the website.

After spending 6 days in Vancouver, we headed on up to Whistler for a couple of days on Tuesday. Whistler is an amazing place. Really nice scenery and very tranquil. Didn't manage to do any boarding, just wandered about and had some beers.
From Whistler, we went over to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Went out on a whale watching trip, but didn't manage to see any. The whale season doesn't really start until the first half of May. Just our luck!!
We did manage to see plenty of sea lions and the odd bald eagle.

Tomorrow (Friday 30th), we board 'The Canadian' train, for our 3 day journey over to Toronto. That's one bloody train journey!! I used to moan about the 30 minute trip into Manchester Victoria from Rochdale!!!

Once we get to Toronto, I'll be adding more of the pictures and a load more stories about what we've seen already.

We're both having a great time and getting into the backpacker lifestyle. I've even started growing a beard.... it's taking some time though!! I have got a year to grow it though :)

Take care peeps, and see you all soon.

Here's those pictures so far....

Us at Heathrow, about to board the plane to Vancouver

Our plane, just after landing at Vancouver

Views of Vancouver from Canada Place on the waterfront.

Views of Vancouver from Canada Place on the waterfront.

Steam powered clock in Gastown.

Aerial view of Vancouver from the Harbour Lookout Tower.

More to come!!!

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