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Napier and Havelock North
Date: Sep 28, 2004 - 02:20 AM

4th September - 5th September. Napier & Havelock North

Napier is billed as the 'Art Deco capital of the world' and has numerous art deco buildings and architecture.
Napier was hit by a disastrous earthquake in 1931 which measured 7.9 on the richter scale, and was rebuilt in an art deco style. We didn't manage to get that many pictures, but the best example of art deco is the Daily Telegraph building.

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As it was the weekend, we decided to have a night on the town. Saturday night in Napier is very different to the nights out back home.
We were in one of the busier pubs, The Governors Inn, which had 7 people in it! It is still winter here, so maybe people just decide to stay in.
There was a fair amount of boy racers tear arsing around the town in their Subaru's so we reckon that's what the youth of Napier do on a Saturday night.

Havelock North is 21Km from Napier and is home to some of NZ's finest wineries, including the Bradshaw Estate winery. Being Bradshaw's we just had to take a look and sample the vino.

The winery was excellent and we bought a bottle of 2002 Merlot (We should've got it for free, we thought!) and also had lunch in their excellent restaurant, overlooking the Te Mata valley. The food was beautiful, I opted for the delicous lamb shanks and Joo had the 'Bradshaw platter', a large selection of seafood, pastramis and fine cheeses.
A meal in the UK that good, would have easily cost 50 squids. Total cost $NZ35 - about 12 quid!

We've sent the wine home so we don't neck it, we just hope Joo's Dad doesn't either!

Enjoy the pix!

Napier - looks more like LA!

Bradshaw Estates vineyards

Bradshaw Estate winery

Daily Telegraph building - Napier

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