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Mt. Isa
Date: Dec 23, 2004 - 12:55 AM

Sunday 14th November 2004

After filling up with bacon and eggs at the roadhouse, we were on our way and left dusty McKinlay behind. We were heading for the sprawling metropolis of the outback that is Mount Isa.

Mt. Isa is where Julie's brother and sister in law spent their Christmas whilst travelling 14 years ago. I bet that was a Christmas they'll never forget!

Dominated by the towers of the local copper and iron mines, Mt. Isa has a very industrial feel to it. It's also sweltering - nearby Cloncurry recorded the highest temperature in Australia at 53.1 C (130 F) and that was in the shade!

We had a wander around the Outback At Isa museum which was interesting and then watched the sunset from the lookout hill.

Here's the pix...

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