:: Lee and Julie's trip round the world 2004

Melbourne & St. Kilda
Date: Jan 19, 2005 - 10:03 AM

Wednesday 8th December 2004 - Friday 17th December 2004 [ Melbourne & St. Kilda ]

We had a lazy few days at the YHA in North Melbourne, spending 1 entire day watching 4 films ( The Castle, The Craic, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and something starring Ben Stiller ).

The car had to get it's rego (road tax) sorted out, so we did that in Melbourne as it's much easier to sort out in the state of Victoria. Different states, different rules.

We then moved over to the seaside resort of St. Kilda and checked into Base Backpackers there. A great hostel, not long been built and had a funky feel to it.

The nearby town of Brighton was really nice and had some very photogenic colourful beach huts.

Melbourne was great, the weather was a bit strange though. Four seasons in one day, sums it up pretty well.

The Big Purse - Bourke Street mall

The tram, a Melbourne institution

Luna Park, St. Kilda

Lee chilling out at Base St. Kilda

Base St. Kilda

Federation Square

Moped and graffiti

Thai Tarse restaurant serving 'shit hot food'! Top name!

Base St. Kilda

Beach huts on Brighton Beach

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