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Kuta - Bali
Date: Feb 07, 2005 - 05:18 AM

Kuta - Bali [ 7th January - 14th January ]

"Welcome Bali, Mister Lee", was how we were greeted at Denpasar airport in Bali by our driver.
We were whisked away from the airport and straight to the 5 star Hard Rock Hotel.

As we'd booked the honeymoon package, everyone at the hotel was congratulating us on just getting married!
The room we had was massive and they'd arranged fresh fruit and flowers for the room, which was really nice.
A little later, a guitar shaped chocolate cake turned up with a card from Jamal, the manager - "Dear Mr and Mrs Lee. Best wishes on your honeymoon and have a relaxing holiday".

The hotel was huge and the pool area complete with a real sand beach was fantastic.
We spent a day by the pool in one of the private poolside cabana's, which was really good.

Kuta itself is a nice place although very touristy and full of the usual stuff tourists want - fake Louis Vuitton bags, Von Dutch t shirts and dodgy DVD's!
It was really good to get away from the big cities and it felt like we were on holiday.

'Mr and Mrs Lee' only had a 3 night honeymoon at the Hard Rock Hotel, so we came down to earth a little and moved to the Hotel Barong.
Although not 5 star, the Hotel Barong was very nice and we had a great stay there.

The 'Bali Bomb' was in Kuta and in the middle of town is a memorial to those who died.
It was very sad reading all the names and the messages people had left.

We decided a little more peace and quiet was in order, so we headed up into the hills, to Ubud.

Pictures of Kuta below....

First view of Bali

Our room at the Hard Rock Hotel

Honeymoon cake and card

The pool at the Hard Rock Hotel

Our free romantic 'honeymoon' meal

Lee in the pool

Bali Bomb Memorial

McWilliams Burgers

The DVD's Lee bought

Not your normal HMV!

Lee, enjoying a Bintang

Louis Vuitton bags were everywhere!

That's gotta hurt your head after a while..

Outside Hard Rock Hotel

Kuta Beach

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