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Ubud - Bali
Date: Feb 07, 2005 - 10:55 AM

Ubud - Bali [ 11th - 13th January 2005 ]

Ubud is located 2 hours away from Kuta up in the hills of central Bali and is renowned for it's arts and crafts.

Our hotel, Adi Cottages, was excellent and we had possibly the biggest bed I've seen. 4 people could've slept in it!

We spent the day browsing all the art shops around Ubud and trying not to fall down the holes in the pavements (see the pictures!).

The following day, we headed down to the Sacred Monkey Forest where there are over 200 Balinese macaque monkeys living.

They are all over the forest just running about and eating banana's or papaya. The monkey's were very cute, especially the baby ones, but were quite mischievous. You could buy banana's for them and feed them but they would just snatch the whole bunch off you! Cheeky monkeys!

I tried to get a photo sat next to one eating some papaya. I tried to sit a little closer and wanted to get it's attention. I made the mistake of touching it's food and it went banana's (no pun intended) and went for me. Julie's never seen me move so quick, as I legged it around in circles trying to get the monkey off me!!

On that note, we left the park and then minutes later I nearly got attacked by a load of geese. Not a good day for me!

That evening we headed over to renowned Jazz Cafe. We had dinner there and then moved onto the lounge area, where they had low tables and big cushions. We sat on the floor and watched the band, who were great. Not too sure where the 'jazz' was but they were good anyway.

Ubud was great and it was nice to escape Kuta to have some peace and quiet, although I didn't enjoy being chased by geese and monkeys!

Here's the pix...

Nice sccoter!

Another one!! This one's a mobile drinks stall!

Pavements or lack of...

Paddy field

Balinese woman carrying goods from market

Macaque monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest

Baby monkey

Granddad Monkey

Lee, sitting with monkey

Lee, sitting closer to monkey

Lee running away from monkey, after sitting too close and stupidly touching it's food!

The pool at Adi Cottages

Us two in the Jazz Cafe in Ubud

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