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Pulau Ubin
Date: Mar 03, 2005 - 10:06 AM

Pulau Ubin [ Sunday 23rd January 2005 ]

Pulau Ubin is only a short ferry ride from the jetty at Changi Pier, by bumboat. The bumboats set off as soon as there are at least 12 of you. Once there was enough, we were on our way over.

There's not that much to do on the island of Pulau Ubin, except hire a bike and explore it and visit some of the old villages.

So, we got 'biked' up and headed out first to the Buddhist Temple. There were a few monks knocking about, mainly just sat around and relaxing. One was just reading the newspaper - he never made it past Page 3!

After that, we rode over to the beach on the northern side of the island. The beach was nothing special and the water certainly wasn't worth swimming in.
There's a wooden fence a little way out, and this is to stop the Malaysians illegally swimming across.

We rode some more and found a lot of old villages literally falling to pieces. There are still some people living on here apparently, but they all seemed to be by the pier renting out bikes!

It was worth going over and exploring the island and it was a good excuse to get some exercise!

Bumboats at Changi Pier.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin.

Cheeky monkey!

Buddhist temple.

Buddhist monk, catching up on the world's news.

"I like to ride my bicycle..."

"Oh yeh, Oh yeh..."

The fence to stop the Malaysian's getting in.

Me on bike.

"Yu want bike, lah?"

Bumboat driver.

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