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Things we've done in Toronto
Date: May 07, 2004 - 04:05 AM

Well we've been busy bee's while in Toronto. The first day was spent getting our bearings which can take some time with all the block system and long streets.

Yesterday was spent at the attractions we went up the CN tower which was great fantastic view of the city and surrounding area. We went up to the skypod which is the highest point.

Earlier that morning we went over to Central island, which is about 15mins on the ferry. We hired some bikes there , which Lee's been dying to do since we were in stanley park, Vancouver. The island was great to ride round, but were both aching today.

Last night we did the all Canadian thing and took in a baseball game. The atmosphere was great. The game took about 3 hours and the amount of food consumed in that time was huge.

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