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Date: Jul 09, 2004 - 01:18 AM

Well, we're still in the van and on the road. Driven almost 2000 miles already!

We're in Las Vegas at the moment and are having a great time. We were in Flagstaff and Lake Havasu City before here.
We spent July 4th in Lake Havasu and had a great time there. We met some of the locals and the night turned into an all night party back at someone's house. We also met some peeps from Long Beach and San Diego, so we're gonna pop and see them on our travels.

We leave Vegas tomorrow and are going to Hoover Dam and then to Area 51 - a tiny place called Rachel.
We're then heading over to San Francisco for about a week and then down to LA and San Diego.
Leaving LAX for Fiji at the start of August.

We've got shedloads of pix for the website, just need to find the time to sit through and get them onto the site.

Thanks for all the emails! We're slowly replying to all of them.

Take it easy y'all,

Lee and julie xx

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