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Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
Date: Jul 15, 2004 - 06:55 AM

From Roswell we headed up to Canyon in Texas. Driving through utter nothingness for miles, passing the occasional 'nodding donkey' oil pump and the odd cow.

We went to Palo Duro Canyon, the Canyon is 120 miles long, as much as 20 miles wide, and has a maximum depth of more than 800 feet. Second to the the Grand Canyon as being the biggest.

We decided to stay the night down in the bottom of the canyon. It was a bit out in the sticks, but we decided to brave it just for one night.

Once we'd got parked up, we went for a short walk to see more of the canyon. Christ! There were bugs and critters of all varieties scooting about.

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We saw tarantulas, roadrunners, wild hamster things, millipedes, flying dragonflies the size of birds.
Joo was a tad scared to say the least. I was fine, cos I'm a MAN.

As soon as night fell, Joo was in the van with the doors locked. I decided to sit out for a while and listen to the critters scurrying about - it was like being in zoo!

Woke up around 07:00 and decided to venture to the bathroom. Mistake! Almost all the bugs seemed to have kipped in the showers overnight, and as soon as we opened the door we woke em all up. We didn't shower that day!

From here we popped into Canyon town centre and went to the excellent Texas Panhandle Museum. The pictures from there are here.

Enjoy the pictures from Palo Duro Canyon and all those crazy bugs and critters!!

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