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Tuesday, August 09, 2022
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Sydney (Part 1) :: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - 02:06 AM (GMT)


With a population the same as the whole of New Zealand, Sydney was gonna feel pretty busy for us both.
We got into Sydney just after 5 in the evening and the temp was a massive change from Christchurch - a nice 28°! I think we're going to like Sydney :)


A great 3 hour flight from Christchurch into Sydney with Qantas. After collecting our luggage we headed outside into the glorious sunshine - a nice change from the cold of New Zealand!

Took the shuttle into the city centre and straight to our hostel - WakeUp! on Pitt Street right near Sydney Central Station.
We grabbed some food and then headed over to see Craig and Vicky who where staying at another hostel not far from the Kings Cross area of Sydney. Got there and found that Vicky had bagged a job working behind the desk at the hostel!

After spending 3 nights at WakeUp!, we felt that there wasn't much of an atmosphere and was full of wannabe's, so we moved to the Sydney Central YHA which was much better.

Spent the next few days walking to the post office to check if our parcel that Lee's sister had sent to us was there and also checking out the Kings Cross Car Market.

The Car Market was a bit of a letdown and there were only a few cars there, none of which were that good. We toyed with the idea of getting up to Brisbane and then looking for a car there but we spotted an ad for a car that looked ok. The car, a 1994 Mitsubishi Magna station wagon, had been used by fellow travellers and came with a load of camping gear too.
We went over the Harbour Bridge to North Sydney to take a look at it and thought it was definately worth going for. Daisy and Michael had bought it privately before they travelled around Oz in it, so it was fairly new in terms of backpacker cars.

The 3 litre V6 engine would come in handy for overtaking the roadtrains when we're in the Outback! After having the car checked over by a mechanic, there were a few minor things that needed doing but he said to use this as a bargaining tool.
After a bit of haggling we settled on a price and the car was ours.

Whilst we were in Sydney, we caught up with Sue over in Manly and also with 'Spiff' who we met in Fiji. Was great to see them both and catch up.

Enjoy the piccies...

Last view of New Zealand

First view of Australia. Beaches!!

Outer suburbs of Sydney

Hyde Park

'Art in the Park'

Lee in Kings Cross

Our first glimpse of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Opera House - for those who didn't know!

'Marry Me' in the sky. Very romantic way of proposing and probably cost a shedload!

2nd lot of pictures

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