:: Lee and Julie's trip round the world 2004
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Lee and Julie's - Brisbane :: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 10:50 AM (GMT)


Sat. 23rd October 2004

We headed out that morning over to Lee and Julie's (bear with us as it might get quite confusing!), which is 40Km's west of Brisbane. After picking up a slab of beer - a token gift for any Aussie household - Lee met us and we followed him up to their house.

Lydia, their daughter, was very shy when we first arrived but after an hour that had changed. Lydia decided Julie was her new shopping partner and they were both doing what girls do best. It was only pretend and luckily they weren't using real money...... yet!

Lee and Julie had a great house, complete with pool and a nice patio area. That evening they'd planned a BBQ with some of their friends coming around and we sat and chatted all night. Oh.... and had a good go at finishing the slab of beer!

Sun. 24th October 2004

Lee had planned for us to go out on their boat and head over to Stradbroke Island. Hooking the boat up to the Land Rover (not very Aussie is it?), we went out to the boat ramp and we were soon on the water. I must admit that I am not the most nautical of people and didn't realise there was so much to it. They even have maps of the water and have to drive on the right side.
Lee let me take the healm and to be honest I wasn't overly confident. The steering was a bit too light for me and I didn't want to tip it, so handed it back pretty sharpish. It is great fun to be out on the water though, especially 'surfing' the other boats wake. I doubt the 2 Julie's would agree, as they were on the back of the boat and bore the full brunt of the bumps!

After mooring up on the beach, Lee buried Lydia and we chased the soldier crabs around the beach. Amazing things they were and there's hundreds of em. They appear from under the sand when they think your not there only to go back under as soon as you get close to them.

We dug Lydia out and headed over to a resort on the island for a well earned beer. It's thirsty work this skippering, y'know.

Lee russled up a proper curry that evening and as we'd not had a proper one for 6 months, we must've looked like starved refugees as we devoured it.

We sadly had to leave Lee, Julie and Lydia the next morning. We had a great weekend and felt like we'd known them forever. Thanks a lot :)


Lee and Julie's pool area

Lydia gets buried on Stradbroke Island

Soldier Crabs

Lee and Julie

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