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Tuesday, August 09, 2022
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Kroombit Cattle Station :: Friday, December 17, 2004 - 12:15 PM (GMT)


Wednesday 3rd 2004

Kroombit is a 10,000 acre working cattle station where we'd learn to be a 'Jackaroo' and a 'Jillaroo', riding horses and mustering cattle. We were welcomed by Alan, the owner, who poured us a cup of 'billy tea' and told us what he had in store for us over the next few days.

Our first task was to learn how to ride a horse and we'd shown around some of the property on the 2 hour horse ride. 2 hours! My bum was killing when we got back and all night we were both walking around like John Wayne.

We were treated to a champagne and cheese sunset later, where they wouldn't let anyone go back until all the champagne had been drunken!

Feeling a little lightheaded after the champers, I decided to jump on the mechanical bull and test my rodeo skills. I was better than I thought, actually and stayed on for at 10 seconds.

Joo had a go, after a lot of persuasion, and promptly fell off as soon as it set off.

A few beers later and we were both exhausted and in need of some kip. An early get up next day as the cow needed milking and the chickens fed. No rest for the wicked!

Thursday 4th November 2004

All bleary eyed, we got up at 07:00, grabbed some brekkie and then did our chores. The cow was about to explode and needed milking. I had a go but just couldn't get the hang of it and was as much use as a chocolate teapot.
Joo and Lexi carried on with it and managed to get almost a full bucket of milk!

The chickens, donkeys, ducks and goats were then all fed and watered. Once that was done, we headed out with Brent (Alan's son) on his daily check of all the water troughs around the station - we were gone for about an hour! Along the way we saw our first kangaroos in the wild bouncing along.

After lunch, we were taught by Lexi how to saddle a horse and groom it. Horses saddled up and ready to go, we headed over to get the baby goats that needed 'mustering'. They were being taken over to a paddock next where we would be camping out tonight in 'swags'.

I'm not sure whether we can't muster or the goats didn't want to be mustered, as they were having none of it. 34 of em, all running off in all directions.

Having finally made it to the camp with all but one of the goats (cos it was too sick), we set about getting the campfire going and boiling up the billy cans for some billy tea.

We were then taught how to crack a whip and after whipping ourselves several times, almost mastered the art of it.

As night fell, we told stories around the campfire and listened to the sound of all the critters crittering about around us. After a long day, we decided to roll out our swags and get some sleep.

Friday 5th November 2004

We awoke to find we'd slept on top of an ants nest and we were starting to get infested by the things.

A trip to the 'outback dunny' and we were greeted by some big toads. One of em licked my bum as I sat down on the toilet, which scared the crap (literally) out of me.

We then all had an outback shower and Lexi cooked us up a proper outback brekkie - steak, eggs, bacon, tomato and toast.

Andrew, Alan's son in law, arrived and we did some trap shooting. We both didn't manage to hit anything but it was good fun anyway.

We then rode back to the main shed, packed our stuff and said our goodbyes. A brilliant time was had and we left Kroombit tired, sore and dirty!

A 200 Km drive and we were back on the East coast in Rockhampton.

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