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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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We're in Bali.... woo hoo! :: Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 03:22 AM (GMT)


We were told by Qantas last Thursday (6th) that we had an extra stop on our ticket and where we would like to go!
We've basically got 7 stops or 29,000 miles with our ticket and because we'd not flown to Darwin from Sydney, which were are original plans 4 months ago, that counted as an extra stop we could take. Bonus!!!

We decided on Bali, as it was on our way to Singapore. We've got a week here and we're at the Hard Rock Hotel on their honeymoon package!
We're getting really spoilt - chocolates, wine, cakes and we've got a romantic dinner tonight.

We've got a private poolside cabana today, so we'll be in there with a good book and take the occasional dip in the pool!

We'll be coming back down to earth on Monday, when we head up into the hills of Bali to a village called Ubud.

Bali is beautiful and the people are so friendly. The temp has been 30 everyday but with the humidity at over 80%, it's the stickiness that really gets you. Good job we've got air conditioning.

We fly out of Bali on Friday (14th Jan) to Singapore and we're there for a week. After that, it's into Malaysia, Borneo, Brunei and onto Thailand.

Our thoughts and feelings go out to all those affected by the tsunami. We're still travelling through Thailand but only to the areas unaffected by the tsunami.

We've got just over 2 months left and we'll be back in the UK on Sunday 20th March.

The rest of the pictures from Australia, including Christmas Day at Bondi and NYE in Sydney Harbour, will be on the website next week when we get to Singapore.

Take care everyone.

Love, Lee and Julie x

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