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Tuesday, August 09, 2022
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Sydney - Second time around :: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - 08:46 AM (GMT)


Wednesday 22nd December - Friday 7th January [ Sydney ]

We'd heard that GMTV were doing a live link from Mrs McQuaries's Chair in Sydney, so we made a banner and headed up there.
We were amazed at how many people were there already and it was difficult to get towards the front. We 'think' we were on the TV as the cameras were on us a few times.
It's been taped for us, so we'll have to watch it and see if we spot ourselves.

That evening (Wed), we met up with Caroline (Julie's old schoolmate) and Sean (her boyfriend) in the Orbit Bar. The Orbit Bar is 47 floors up and rotates to give you 360 degree views of Sydney. Nice place, but the bill was sky high!

Moving onto more wallet friendly places, we had plenty more beers and staggered back to the hostel.

Waking up with a tremendous hangover was not good, as we had the Bridgeclimb to do that afternoon. After a quick meet up with Vix and Craig, we headed down to the Rocks for the climb.
We miscalculated the time it'd take to get there and we were 10 minutes late.... and sweaty. Luckily, our group had only just started to get their 'Bridgesuits' on.

The climb was fantastic and the views from up there were amazing. You aren't allowed to take your camera, so sadly there's no pictures. We did do it though!

There's a separate story with pictures for Christmas Eve and Christmas day here.

After drinking far too much over Christmas, we decided to take it easy on Boxing Day.
We headed down to the Harbour to watch the start of the Sydney to Harbour yacht race. We didn't have a good view at all, so we left after about 10 minutes.

We'd arranged for all 6 of us (Me and Joo, Vix and Craig & Pip and Rodg) to go and see the Queen musical, We Will Rock You at the Lyric Theatre at Star City.

The show was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it. The lighting and effects for the show were amazing and if you get chance - go see it!

We woke the following day to see the devastation that the tsunami in SE Asia had caused.
Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this, at what shoulde be a happy time of year.

We spent the days leading up to NY, sorting the car out ready to sell it after New Year.

A couple of days later, we had interest in the car and they were really keen on it. We were changing hostels, so we had to park the car down at the Kings Cross Car Market.
The Car Market is where all the backpackers buy and sell their cars. We'd been down there last time we were in Sydney, and weren't looking forward to trying to sell the car here.
It's a dark and dingy place in an underground car park with hardly any air and full of exhaust fumes!

After inspecting it again with their Dad and a bit of haggling, Dave & Lisa agreed to have it. We'd paid for a week at the car market, so it sat there over the New Year until the money transfer to us had been done.

There's a separate story with pictures for New Years Eve here.

Selling the car was a huge relief and meant we enjoy our last few days in Sydney. We could've sold the car 3 times over with the amount of interest in it we had.

We were due to fly out of Sydney on Friday 7th to Singapore, so we had a couple of days to sort things out.
On the Wednesday, we headed into the Qantas office to finalise some dates on our flight tickets and we were told we were allowed an extra stop! "Where would you like to go, Mr Bradshaw?"

Bali was our choice, so were then trying to sort out places to stay and get some local currency. Nice suprise though!

We met so many great people in Sydney and over the next few nights, had a procession of "leaving do's".
The pictures from those, are in a separate article here.

Enjoy the pictures.....

Live TV link to GMTV from Sydney

Santa's new sleigh?

The cruiseship, Sapphire Princess, leaving Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera House

Shiny disco ball on the Harbour Bridge


Me and Joo overlooking Sydney Harbour from the Pylon lookout

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