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Chaweng, Koh Samui :: Thursday, March 17, 2005 - 07:37 AM (GMT)


Chaweng (Koh Samui) [ Sat 12th Feb - Monday 14th Feb 2005 ]

The journey to the island of Koh Samui was a nightmare from the start. We'd booked a ticket to Koh Samui, which included the bus journey to the port at Surat Thani and the ferry across. The bus turned out to be an 8 seater minibus with no aircon and all the bags were strapped to the roof. Along the way we lost one of the suitcases - thankfully not one of ours!
We set off at 13:00 and were due to arrive at the ferry port at 18:00 in order to catch the last fast ferry, which takes about 2 hours to get to Koh Samui.

Although the driver was driving at speeds over 130 km/h most of the way and almost falling asleep several times, we still managed to get there late and ended up missing the last express boat.
Our only option was to sit and wait for the slow overnight boat that leaves at 23:00 and takes 7 hours.

Most of the other passengers were pretty p!ssed off to say the least, but we just got on with it as there wasn't much else you could do! We had beds on the boat and would therefore save a nights hotel. The 'beds' were literally pieces of foam all laid out on the top deck of the boat.

The gentle rocking of the boat sent us of to sleep after about an hour, either that or it was the fumes coming from the engine room! We arrived in Nat Thon on Koh Samui just before dawn at 05:00. We originally wanted to go to Hat Bang Rak (Big Buddha beach), but almost all of the local transport (4x4 pickup trucks) were heading to the beache resorts of Chaweng or Lamai. We decided to follow the crowds and jumped in the truck to Chaweng.

We were dropped outside the 7-11 in Chaweng and as it was only 6 in the morning, hardly any of the cheaper hotels were open. We wandered down to the beach and sat for an hour or so with an Israeli couple we'd met on the journey.

We managed to get in at the Chaweng Beach Gardens Resort, which for 850 baht a night was a bit of a ripoff for what we got. Feeling absolutely exhausted from the mammoth 19 hours journey, we flaked out and got some well needed shuteye.

Chaweng is like any other beach resort - bars, restaurants and a load of fake stuff. Wanting to find the 'real Thailand' we decided to leave after 2 nights and head for Big Buddha Beach.

The driver securing the cases to the roof, after losing one!

Joo in her '1 bed berth with sea view'.

The Red Lion!

Lee watching the Man. Utd. Vs Man. City game.

Our bungalow at Chaweng Beach Gardens Resort.

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