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Whangerei Falls, Bay of Islands and Hole in the Rock
Date: Sep 12, 2004 - 02:05 AM

Sat. August 21st 2004

From the Coromandel Peninsula, we ventured north through Auckland and up to the Bay of Islands. Along the way, we stopped off at Whangerei Falls and also to the world famous Hundertwasser toilets in KawaKawa.

We stayed for 2 nights in Pahia and met up with Jon and Sarah, who also had a Kombi campervan like ours.
We joined them on a boat trip on the Excitor (which wasn't that exciting!) to the Hole in the Rock. Thought we'd be 'flying' through the rock, but cos it's so choppy you can only go through really slow.

When we booked the boat trip, we also booked to go up to Cape Reinga lighthouse and down Ninety Mile Beach with Awesome Adventures, for the next day.

After all the 'excitement' we headed back to our vans at the campsite and put up the awning on our van.
We 'invited' Jon and Sarah to join us in our little tent and el vino did flow. Not good, when we had to get up at 06:00 for our trip!

Here's the pictures...

Whangerei Falls

Us at Whangerei Falls

Hundertwasser toilet in Kawakawa

Us kitted out for the 'Excitor'

It's a Hole in the Rock!

The 'Excitor' boat.

The Kombis together!

Lee putting (or at least trying) to put the awning up.

Us lot after a few bottles of vino. (We're not looking forward to 06:00!)

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