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New Years Eve - Sydney
Date: Jan 25, 2005 - 09:18 AM

New Years Eve

After getting stocked up on picnic food, we headed over to Mrs McQuaries Point. We were there around 1ish and the queue was unbelievable.
There was a strict no bring your own alcohol policy and they really were enforcing it apparently.

We started to drink the wine we'd thought we'd able to smuggle in, whilst in the queue. I managed to hide the wine well enough for it not to spotted, the others weren't so lucky though.
The 4 litre box lasted about an hour and then it was back and forth to the bar from then on.

We managed to bag a big rock at the top of the hill, for us all to sit on. Caroline and Sean joined us around 6pm and we were on our way by then.
Soon after, I took it upon myself to entertain the crowd.

After a few Mexican waves, I decided to split the whole area up into 4 and they each did a letter from 'YMCA'.
It took a few goes to get it right, but we got there in the end. It's amazing, what the power of beer can do!

As night fell, 50,000 people waited in anticipation for the 9 o'clock set of fireworks. We moved down right to the front and got a great view.
The fireworks were amazing and we were determined to make sure we saw them. The midnight fireworks could be a blur!

More beer and wine was consumed and we were soon rolling around the hill (Lee, that was just you!).

We watched the midnight fireworks together and then made the slow stagger home through the crowds.
Poor Sean and Caroline had a flight to New Zealand early the next morning.

What a fantastic day and night! Happy 2005 everyone!

Queuing up to get into Mrs McQuaries Point

Hordes of people!

Sean, Caroline, Joo, Me, Pip and Rodg

The last sunset of 2004

9 o'clock fireworks - the one's that weren't blurred!

Is it 2005 yet?

Joo, Me, Sean and Caroline

Lee, looking a tad worse for wear.

Happy New Year!!!

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