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Date: Mar 14, 2005 - 03:59 AM

Over 30,000 visitors since we left, averaging about 100 visitors a day. Our busiest day was February 16th with over 360 visitors.
Our busiest month was January 2005, with a staggering 5100 visitors who viewed almost 15,000 pages on the site.

Most of you visit the website on a Wednesday at 09:00, which shows you must all be busy at work then!
01:00 is our quietest hour, so it looks like you all still need your beauty sleep!

From the server stats, we get most of the hits from the following places :-

  1. (nurses are busy then!)

  2. (my former workmates are still grafting it seems...)

  3. (staff at the council are still working hard then?!)

  4. (lazy students!)

Thanks to everyone who's visited the site whilst we've been away and indeed, emailed us throughout the trip.

We hope you've enjoyed the stories and pictures as much we've enjoyed doing all the things we've done.

There's plenty more stories and pictures to go on from South East Asia, so keep checking.

Seeya all soon,

Lee and Julie

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